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What can a UV printer do?

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The UV DTF printing method is an innovative solution that offers faster production times, higher quality image resolution, higher contrast and color range, and a longer lifespan. The UV DTF printing process produces high-quality, vibrant prints that are resistant to fading and washing, making it ideal for a wide range of industries and applications. The power of UV printers has impressed a lot of people in the printing business have been impressed.

What is UV printing?

UV printing is a digital printing technology that uses UV curing to create prints. It allows direct printing on materials such as wood, metal, leather, acrylic, and plastic. In recent years, with the advent of Direct-to-film technology, UV printers can now print directly onto film to create transfer stickers that can be applied flexibly. This effectively reduces inventory costs for printing service providers. In addition, the UV energy from the printer's light source will dry and cure the ink as soon as it comes into contact with the film, enabling fast turnaround times for small jobs.

What kind of business can be done with UV printers?

UV printing can be applied to a wide range of materials, including tile, glass, metal, wood, plastic, leather, cardboard, and more. By using your creativity, UV printers can produce an almost limitless range of products, personalized gifts, branded items, or home décor, and you can make money from almost anywhere.

Decorative items: Decorative paintings, craft ornaments, tiles, and other decorative items can be done with UV printing. By setting the amount of ink to be printed, UV printers can create clear, three-dimensional patterns that add to the beauty of the decor.


uv print home decorative paintings hanrun paper


Digital accessories: personalized custom-printed mobile phone cases have always been very hot, UV printers can create a variety of different designs in bulk at the same time, to help you quickly deliver. In addition, iPad cases, headphone cases, Polaroid cases ...... can all be your printed items.


uv print phone case hanrun paper


Gifts: cups, mugs, keychains, pens, mirrors, crystal photo frames ...... Gifts come in many different varieties. As long as the UV printing can be applied to the hard surface, then this product will enter your business.



Personalization: UV printers have one significant advantage - flexibility. The advantage of meeting the individual needs of customers greatly increases the added value of UV-printed products. More and more customers prefer to customize their labels and patterns online or print their favorite designs on their goods at any time.


uv keychain hanrun paper


Labels: It is a very good choice to use UV printing to make brand labels on cosmetics, wine bottles, mugs, etc. UV DTF labels have very good resistance to abrasion and washing, which can make your labels last longer.


Advertisement: Signs can be seen everywhere in our life. Many signs in public places or advertisements in large shopping centers are made of acrylic material. Acrylic sheets - we often see them everywhere on the street. For example, signs in front of companies, signs placed on tables in open-air restaurants, etc. These signs, called acrylic signs, will become a hot spot in the printing industry. 


uv acrylic hanrun paper

Hanrun Paper UV Printer Buying Guide

UV Flatbed Printer

We offer the H-6042 UV DTF Flatbed Printer and the H-6090 UV DTF Flatbed Printer with an extended printing flatbed. UV DTF Flatbed Printer with a maximum printing height of up to 180mm can print directly on the surface of products such as mugs, boards, Rubik's Cubes, and so on. It can also print on UV DTF film to make UV stickers for ready-to-print transfers.

UV Roll-to-Roll Printer

The UV-6002 UV DTF roll-to-roll printer has a print width of up to 630mm and is specially designed for making UV stickers. It is easy to print multiple images at once and apply them to your customized products. The printed patterns have both gloss and three-dimensional effects to create a great feel and are wash and wear-resistant to last a long time.

UV Large-format Format Printer

Equipped with 4 i3200-U1 print heads, the H-1804 Industrial UV Printer has a print width of up to 1750mm, enabling printing solutions with up to 12 different effects. It is mainly used in the decoration industry to produce large-format shop window stickers, window stickers, advertising light box posters, car stickers, backdrop stickers, and more.

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