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What are the features of digital textile printing equipment

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Update time : 2024-02-23 17:16:42

The digital printing technology of textile printing equipment is a cutting-edge technology in the textile industry, integrating computer data processing and control, precision machinery and fine chemicals. With the pursuit of personalized and green clothing consumption of the new market characteristics more and more obvious, the production of flexible and efficient digital printing technology is more and more attention from enterprises. Here to learn about digital textile printing equipment, what are the characteristics of the work?


1. No plate-making required

Digital textile printing equipment does not require plate making, so there is no need for related equipment and materials, which can save costs. The cost of producing pattern templates with multiple sets of colors is relatively high in traditional printing, and a lot of space is required to store the completed patterns. If mass production is not carried out after proofing, it will cause waste. In addition, textile printing equipment must perform color separation and tracing before plate making. The time and cost of color separation and tracking of complex patterns are very long.



2. No need to prepare color paste

In the traditional printing process, it is impossible to accurately estimate the amount of color paste used, whether it is manual estimation or machine processing. Each set of printed colors will produce more or less waste color paste. Digital textile printing equipment reduces dye waste and reduces wastewater treatment costs. Digital printing does not require the preparation of color paste. This not only saves the space, facilities, dyes and auxiliaries required to prepare color pastes but also enables accurate color matching through calculation without generating waste materials such as dyes and auxiliaries.


3. No need to consider the size of the pattern

In traditional printing, whether it is a flat or circular screen is affected by the screen version. The width and diameter of the rotating screen limit the size of the flowers that return the printed artwork. On the other hand, traditional flat-screen printing requires printing from board to board, so it is impossible to print patterns that cannot break. Digital textile printing equipment does not need to consider the above issues and can use different types of designs. The designer's design ideas will not be restricted and the scope of his design can be greatly expanded.



In a nutshell, the working characteristics of digital textile printing equipment are that there is no need for plate making, no need to prepare color paste, and no need to consider the size of the pattern. Formal digital textile printing equipment companies are carrying out digital printing technology transformation, and even some new entrants to the industry can quickly join the ranks of digital printing. Digital printing does not require tracking or making patterns thus saving time and cost.

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