Some sublimation gift ideas for your Christmas

Some sublimation gift ideas for your Christmas

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Update time : 2023-12-21 15:26:00

Christmas is coming and the decorations and gifts begin. As happens every year, there are a series of decorative products and classic gifts that your customers will buy again for sure, such as cushions, pajamas, socks, clothes for school ...

However, surely many of your customers no longer want to repeat gift ideas from previous years. So why not try something brand new and unique with a sublimation printing solution? Here we bring you several ideas for personalized products from the most classic to the most current so that you can offer the perfect Christmas gift with our sublimation paper or other heat transfer solution.


A classic: The mugs
An essential for any occasion and perfect both to decorate and to give as gifts. You can transfer the pattern that you want onto the well-used white mugs, making it special and unique, ideal for this time of year using our Super Sheet Sublimation Paper. A very attractive gift that will sell itself.



Water bottles and glasses
Colorful and very cheap to customize. Thermos bottles for water and glasses with a lid for infusions and coffees. Great for office workers, or to add a festive touch to household items. Super Sheet Sublimation Paper is always suitable for Hard Substrates.



Cushions and blankets
Christmas = cold = blankets and cushions = sofa and movie afternoon. 
You can use sublimation paper to add your design to the white cushion or use HTV vinyl to add your favorite elements to the blanks of other fabrics to personalize your winter classic.



Custom socks
Since last year, socks with fun and striking prints have become very fashionable and it is worth considering them as a possible item to include in your catalog. You can add any personalized creative ideas to your design, and can simply print it out on sublimation paper and transfer it with heat transfer machine to the socks to get your unique Christmas socks.



Print t-shirts
Series, movies ... You can make a lot of simple and original designs on a t-shirt. Or sweatshirt! Sublimation paper and DTF printing can be used to realize your ideas easily at home. 


Accessories and sportswear
Another beneficial gift that you can personalize is accessories and sportswear like soccer shin guards, soccer socks, soccer balls, cycling sleeves and sports shirts; great for runners or for any other exercise or discipline that your clients practice. This usually uses our sticky/tacky sublimation paper, which is very suitable for printing on elastic fabrics.



Photo frame
A highly recommended personalized product that will stand out in families with celebrations or special occasions, because it will satisfy family members, especially parents and grandparents. On hard surfaces, it is recommended A3/A4 Super Sheet 100gsm sublimation paper or 120gsm sublimation paper



As you can see, there are a lot of things that you can sell turning them from "typical" into special just by customizing them with sublimation paper and heat transfer machines.


We hope that this article about Personalized gift ideas for Christmas has served you and you can develop your imagination to the maximum to create unique designs that transform mundane things, those of everyday life, into original gifts.

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