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New Upgrade | Multifunctional UV DTF Flatbed Printer

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Update time : 2022-10-28 14:28:43

With the development of digital printing, personalized designs are becoming increasingly popular with young people. Recently, DIY stickers have been all the rage on social media such as Tik Tok and Instagram. These DIY stickers are so easy to make that all you need is a UV DTF printer.


What is UV DTF printing?


UV (ultraviolet) DTF printing is a new printing method that uses UV curing technology to create designs on hard surfaces.

UV DTF printing requires specific UV DTF inks and a UV flatbed printer. UV DTF inks contain a photosensitive curing agent that dries quickly when exposed to UV light. The printed print is durable and will not scratch or wear off quickly. UV DTF printing technology is the best solution for hard surface printing/label customization.


Hanrun Paper® new upgraded UV DTF printer: H-6042UVA Multifunctional UV DTF Flatbed Printer. It can be directly applied to hard surfaces such as glass, wood, and plastic products to quickly realize personalized products. We can also provide you with an A/B film crystal labeling scheme for curved or irregular plane printing. Hanrun Paper UV DTF film is selected from Japanese high-quality adhesive, which can be directly adhered to the material to be transferred after printing, and there is no adhesive print around the pattern after tearing, which is wear-resistant and wear-resistant, long, and convenient to use.


A/B Film Crystal Labeling Scheme
When the design is printed on the "A" film, the ink is immediately exposed to UV light from an LED cold light source and solidifies quickly. After printing, the "A" film is adhered to the "B" film using a laminator. The "A" film is on the back side of the design and the "B" film is on the front side. To transfer the design, the outline of the design is cut out with scissors, the "A" film is removed and the design firmly adheres to the object.
It does not require heat pressure, just finger pressure, and after a few seconds, the "B" film is peeled off and the design is successfully transferred to the substrate.




Applications of UV DTF Printing

UV DTF printing is mainly used on hard substrate surfaces such as metal, leather, wood, paper, plastic, ceramics, glass, etc.

It has a wide range of application scenarios.
- Personalized customization services: cups, keychains, desktop ornaments, badges, gifts, and other product pattern customization;
- Limited edition product production: weddings, conferences, exhibitions, competitions, and other activities around product label customization;
- Brand promotion: custom corporate logo labels for corporate brochures, or on gifts to customers.



Advantages of UV DTF printing

Easy to operate: UV DTF printer is simple and easy to operate, one person can easily operate multiple printers. H-6042UVA UVDTF printer can support 24-hour non-stop stable printing, effectively reducing the cost of equipment input and use costs.
Brilliant appearance: UV DTF printing has perfect color reproduction ability and UV-curable ink coating enriches the colors. Printed patterns have both glossy and three-dimensional effects with a good hand feel.
Durability: UV DTF printing has reliable fade resistance. The special UV-curable coating is highly resistant to weather, UV rays, wear and tear, sweat, and other weather factors.
Clarity: Without compromising picture quality, the UV coating enhances the clarity of the print, highlighting details and giving the print a more textured appearance.
Environmentally friendly: The coating materials used on these labels do not release any volatile compounds when cured by UV light.


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