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How to Transfer Effect Better?

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With the development of digital heat transfer technology, sublimation transfer paper has begun to appear in our life. and its application is also gradually widespread. But not all digital heat transfer paper in the process of stamping will have very good results, if you want good results, you need to master certain skills. And today, let's make a sketch of you.

Determining pressure: Heat transfer pressure have a certain standard. if the pressure is too small, then it will not be able to paper and the substate adhesion . thereby reducing the fastness . if the pressure is too big , it will produce the substrate compression deformation increases, causing pattern deformation. If the product requires complex stamping uneven attention each pressure uniform, pressure angle of bronzing wheel and substrate more demanding.

Determining speed : It needs to  according to the area of heat transfer and the power of heating temperature should be considered. First, the speed ,and then  the pressure, and finally the temperature.

Determining temperature : When the temperature is too low, it will lead to thermoprint or insecure, but also make printing blurred or lost luster. The phenomenon of dark color. We should take into account the pressure, speed, are, room temperature and other factors in the process of using.  the average temperature in the range of 180 to 220 ℃  and when the temperature is determined, you need to keep a constant, not much fluctuation.

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