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Fashion printing and how to save the ink

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Fashion printing and how to save the ink

Digital printing machine in the digital printing industry has become increasingly widespread application of the printing industry has also brought unprecedented changes.

1.Do not try not to start the machine frequently.Because the machine every time you start, Print head and initialize the printer, the ink delivery system ink, this process to waste more ink.

2.Do not replace the ink cartridge immediately We know that the digital printing device is through the sensor sensor to detect the amount of ink in the cartridge, the sensor as long as the ink is detected less than the value set within the printer, then prompted to replace the cartridge, then you can remove the ink cartridge internal sensor Reset, so as to determine the installation of a new cartridge, so long-term operation, you can save a lot of ink.

3.Clean the print head correctly.Because the ink dry and plug the nozzle, you can use hot water soaked and then cleaned.

Cleaning the printer print head should note the following:
1) Do not disassemble in the live state, install the nozzle, do not hand or other items touch the electrical contacts on the nozzle
2) can not be removed from the printer alone placed, The nozzle on the dust more environment
3) Do not use sharp objects to clean the nozzle, can not hit the nozzle, do not touch the nozzle

4.Reduce the number of cleaning print head.

Will be done above the four points, and will be able to save the ink applied to print products to achieve maximum benefits!

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