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The introduction of UV Led DIGITAL printer

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Update time : 2017-09-18 14:12:28

       UV printer is a high-tech free plate full color digital printing machine, not limited by materials, can be in the T-shirt, door, door, sliding door, color photo printing, glass plate, all kinds of signs, crystal, PVC, acrylic, metal, plastic, stone, leather and other surface.No need to make a printing, a print finished, rich color, wear resistance, UV protection, easy to operate, fast printing images, fully meet the industrial printing standards.

      Can be widely used in the printing industry, printing industry, gift processing industry, signs, logo industry, decoration industry, personality printing industry and so on.
Decoration, decoration industry, glass industry, furniture industry, door Signage Industry, exhibition industry, hard cardboard packaging industry, textile industry, leather etc.
The equipment of printed materials widely, flexible media such as: timely posts, PVC, reflective film, canvas, carpets, leather and so on; hard medium such as glass, metal, ceramic tile, ceiling, aluminum, wood, board, acrylic board, organic glass board, foam board, corrugated board etc..
UV ink: the use of imported UV ink, that is, dry spray, printing fastness. In the nozzle control, weak solvent ink printing control, color curing strength and medium transmission accuracy and other technical difficulties, have achieved reliable technical guarantee. In order to make China users have the opportunity to foreign customers, bring the product color printer technology, UV printer to reduce the investment threshold, allowing you to easily obtain "high quality, affordable, can buy" low investment products with high performance UV printer.
     UV printer adopts the latest LED cold light source technology, without thermal radiation.
     Instant light, without preheating, printing material surface temperature is low, no deformation.
    The power consumption is 72W-144W, and the traditional mercury lamp is 3KW. LED and so on have 25000-30000 hours long life.
     The latest generation of
EPSON's head, ink dot size intelligent distribution, has higher precision than the traditional printing machine.
    A print head, 8 column spray hole, double 4 color high-speed printing, allowing you to take the initiative in the fierce competition in the market, to win more business opportunities.
    Adopt high quality servo and screw guide system.
    Compared with the traditional mercury lamp, UV flatbed printer does not contain mercury, and it does not produce ozone. It is safer and more environmentally friendly.
     With water cooling (water circulation), it has good light curing effect in the hot summer without air conditioning environment.

1. print print accuracy
No matter what type of universal flatbed printer, the basic requirement is printing accuracy. Methods of test for print accuracy: 3 words printed in full page A4 paper printed with PS. Print clear, no heavy shadows, not blurred, qualified products. If the ghosting occurs, it shows that the vibration of the printer is too large during the printing process. This is caused by the unreasonable design of the structure and the failure of the printer head to be properly decomposed and released.

2. repeated print measurement performance
Repeat the print location is not allowed, the waste rate will increase, then choose a stable performance of the printer is particularly important. The method is: print the well character, print 10 times again, use 40 times magnifying glass to see, if coincidence, the equipment is qualified. Or directly use the silk screen to test the position of the method. First print the blue dots, and then print red on the blue base. Use 40 times magnifying glass to see. If you can't see the blue, it shows that the machine is of high accuracy.

The 3. quadrilateral has the same diagonal length
The printer can print format within a rectangular frame, printing, after printing with a ruler to measure the length of the diagonal is the same, according to the quadrilateral diagonal rule, if the diagonal is equal, this is a standard rectangular, if not equal, so that is not rectangular, trapezoidal or diamond. If a print out of the unequal, that is to say a print out of the already serious place, has not reached the requirements of qualified printing precision
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