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How do we do with the paper output process?

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How do we do with the paper output process?

Piezo photo machine in the printing process, if there is rub paper situation, you must immediately stop or pause printing, the situation is likely to cause damage to the nozzle, so we should immediately find the cause to solve.

First, we want to know the most serious reason to print the paper is the print media and the nozzle distance. Therefore we have to check whether the thickness of the print medium is too thick or small frame is too low, you need to adjust the height of the car height that can be appropriate;

Second,in the process of entering the paper, the pressure of the paper is not in place or pressure rollers do not match the phenomenon of paper, which can also appear rub paper situation; In the print output process, the finished picture should also be winded as soon as possible, if the winding is not timely , the following paper accumulation will affect the paper above the arch caused by the occurrence of rub paper situation;

Third,in addition, if the photo machine printing consumables itself is not smooth, the surface will be uneven, that can cause this situation.

So, once the photo machine appears unexpected situation in the process of output, we should immediately stop the print job. It will be allowed to continue to print after finding the corresponding fault and solving the problem, otherwise the second damage to the other parts of the photo machine is not worth the loss.

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