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Subtextile offer one-stop sublimation printing solution. Subtextile is a coating factory with our own R&D division, the leader of sublimation coating in China for 10 years. Have 2 industrial coating line for 3.2m wide.
Subtextile daily production capacity is 400000squaremeter.
Subtextile Mill List
--Sublimation paper slitting mill
--Original sublimation ink mill
--Original sublimation printer mill

Based on the current sales and technical Subtextile establish the foreign trade sales department in 2016. Our founder is doctor come back from foreign.

We are an one-stop offer of
Sublimation transfer paper
Sublimation ink
Sublimation printer

Subtextile Slitting mill in China Hangzhou

Subtextile Sublimation ink mill in Guangdong Shenzhen

Subtextile sublimation printer factory in China Shanghai

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