PAPIJET LTI 402 Original Kisco Sublimation Inkjet Ink For Ricoh Printhead

PAPIJET LTI 402 Original Kisco Sublimation Ink

- Water-based sublimation Ink for Digital Printing
- Wide color gamut; no break line
- For thinner uncoated or low-coated transfer papers, also for Ricoh printheads
- Capacity: 1L
Subtextile is an industrial and commercial factory with a history of over 11 years of foreign trade. We have our own sublimation ink factory and are committed to providing our customers with a complete digital printing solution from materials to equipment.
Series of transfer sublimation printing inks, compatible with next-generation piezo printheads. Developed for printing onto light and/or low coated papers.

# Kisco original sublimation ink
vivid color printing
Fast dry speed
Wide color gamut


1. How to distinguish dye sublimation transfer paper print side?
A: Normally dye sublimation transfer paper rolls outside is print side. You can also use litter water to distinguish the print side. Sublimation paper coating layer felt sticky and adhesive.

2. How to storage your sublimation paper rolls?
A: Sublimation paper rolls need be sealed, and the storage temperature around 10-30centigrade, humidity around 45-55%.

3. How long for sublimation paper use life?
A: Normal sublimation transfer paper rolls can be used for 1 year. Sticky sublimation paper can be used for 8months

4. How to keep sublimation paper keep smooth not touch your print head?
A: Make printing room humidity around 45-55%, use good quality sublimation paper.

5. If we could get service after ordering?
A: Yes, our customers couldcontactusthroughemailorsocialmedias

6. What's the shipping method
A: Via DHL, FedEx, and sea shipping ways

7. What's the delivery time
A: Usually around 7~10 working days

8. What's the MOQ
A: Around 2500 USD.