Original Kiian Sublimation Ink Hi-pro K-one Series For Epson, Mimaki Machine

Original Kiian Sublimation Ink

Item No.: 021
--bright color
--wide gamut
--high transfer rate
--environmentally friendly

Subtextile is an industrial and commercial factory with a history of over 11 years of foreign trade. We have our own sublimation ink factory and are committed to providing our customers with a complete digital printing solution from materials to equipment.
Series of transfer sublimation printing inks, compatible with next-generation piezo printheads. Developed for printing onto light and/or low coated papers.


# Excellent drying quickness of the printed paper
# High chromatic performance
# High color concentration
# Good general fastness 
Excellent release (transfer) capacity
# Compatible with dx7 printheads
Ideal on medium and large format machines, it fully exploits their productive capacities.