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Original Inktec Sublinova Sublimation Ink (Sure Series)

- Sublimation ink for Epson TPF
- Brand:Inktec sublimation ink
- Printing Type: transfer printing
- Color: CMYK
- Capacity: 1L
Description Advantages
Subtextile is an industrial and commercial factory with a history of over 11 years of foreign trade. We have our own sublimation ink factory and are committed to providing our customers with a complete digital printing solution from materials to equipment.
Ultra SUB Sublimation ink is a sublimation ink that breaks technical barriers. It is a high-concentration ink suitable for sublimation paper with low gram weight, and the unit ink volume is relatively low, which is conducive to ink absorption. 

Suitable with plotters equipped with Epson TFP printhead

Wider colour gamut then original inks
High colour concentration with vivid colour
Superior print quality and stability at high speed mode
Environmentally friendly : Free from formaldehyde, VOCs and compliance with RoHS

1. How to store your sublimation ink?
A: Room temperature around 10-25 centigrade.
2. What is the shipping method for sublimation ink shipping?
A: Using shipping air line.
3. How to use Epson original sublimation ink on Epson surecolor F series printer?
A: We can offer Epson original sublimation ink for Epson Surecolor F series printer, and we also offer one time chips matched.
4. Italy brand KIIAN, Jnext sublimation ink is good ink?
A: We offer original Italy based sublimation ink for KIIAN and Jnext. We also offer Inktec Sublinova sublimation ink.
◆Wide Color Gamut                                                                                                                  

◆High Concentration,Printing Fluency                                                                                   

◆High transfer rate