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Subtextile ITMA ASIA EXPO Review

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Update time : 2021-06-18 11:10:45
12 June 2021 – The seventh ITMA ASIA + CITME 2020 exhibition opens today in Shanghai with the largest showcase of the latest textile machinery since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic last year. Following an eight-month postponement, the combined exhibition grossing 160,000-square-metre brings together 1,237 textile machinery manufacturers from 20 countries and regions, and their buyers for face-to-face interaction.

After the end of ITMA in Barcelona in 2019, the global offline textile machinery exhibition continued to be suspended. In the past two years, the industry's new economy, new business formats, and new models have emerged with a large number of new textile and apparel consumer demands, which has accelerated the upgrading of the textile machinery industry, responded quickly, and proposed targeted solutions. At this time, all kinds of new technologies, new equipment, and various solutions urgently need to be presented to the market, and feedback can be obtained from them; the long-standing business demands of upstream and downstream industries also urgently need to be released.

As the leader of digital sublimation, Subtextile has also made sufficient preparations for this exhibition. We demonstrated our DTF series solutions and A3 desktop DTF printer. We want to show you a budget-saving plan. We can also provide DTF ink and DTF film. The DTF series solutions is really a very attractive product, and there are not many exhibitors showing this product at the exhibition. At the same time, our sublimation paper is still our main product. We have shown papers of different weights from 35gsm to 105gsm to meet different needs.

At the exhibition site, we also saw many industrial machine brands using our 35gsm EVO sublimation paper. We can clearly see that 35gsm sublimation paper can be printed very efficiently on an 8-head printer, so we believe Low-weight sublimation paper will gradually become the trend of the industry. We suggest that customers who are still using high-weight sublimation paper can slowly reduce their weight to adapt to the rapid development of the times.

This exhibition has made us very rewarding. Next month, we will participate in APPP EXPO. see you then!
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