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Recap Subtextile at Shanghai APPPEXPO

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Update time : 2020-07-26 19:42:15

Shanghai APPP EXPO was held from 7.21-24, Subtextile(one of the group of Hanrun) was honored to participate in this grand event, this is also the first offline exhibition we participated in 2020. Because of pandemic virus, all walks of life have suffered a serious blow, but we did not given up, and is still working hard to break through. We want to show our spirit to more people, which is also an important reason for our participation in the exhibition. 

Even though we have anticipated that there will not be many people from other countries participate in this exhibition, we still prepared with all our heart and did not want to miss every opportunity to meet with customers. We hope that every time Subtextile is perfect when we appear.

In May, we held online exhibition. The effect was very good, so this time we continued to adopt this way and launched 1vs1 virtual tour. We also made vlogs and board casting everyday on Facebook. If you miss them, you can still watch them on our YTB and Facbook channel.



In the four days, we show the whole exhibition center and our booth, share our new products and new information about digital printing for our customers. Our booth attracted a lot of people and our salesmen were warmly receiving them, answering questions, and exchanging contact information. 

We are still under the impact of pandemic coronavirus, but we have confidence about the future of digital printing industry. We believe the future will turn to ABC, which is AI, blockchain and cloud. Whatever industry you are in, it has will be the trend. Subtextile is more like a cloud factory, and we will do better in the future.

Thanks all of you, whether it is online customers or people who come to our booth. The development of Subtextile is inseparable from your trust and support. Looking forward to the day  we can meet face to face.

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