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New product releases- Extremely Instant Dry sublimation paper

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Update time : 2022-12-16 17:26:37
In the face of tight energy supply and high costs, when purchasing sublimation paper, we need to consider how to finely control costs to ensure the transfer effect.
Through continuous research on sublimation paper technology, Subtextile has recently developed Extremely Instant Dry sublimation paper, hoping to help our customers win this tough battle.
The new sublimation paper is more cost-effective and has high production capacity. A variety of sublimation papers are available for you to choose to meet your different needs.
Subtextile always tries to meet our customers' demands for drying speed. We offer a wide variety of extremely instant dry sublimation paper and weights to meet your exact desires and the requirements of your sublimation printer and sublimation ink. Hanrun paper's special coating extremely fast-drying sublimation paper is suitable for high-speed and high-volume printing applications and offers excellent sublimation printing results and excellent transfer rate.
It is recommended for textile printing, home furnishings, signage and hard substrates. And this paper is very suitable for Epson F570/F710 machines, and its fast drying speed and excellent fast transfer properties can ensure smooth printing of the paper. You can choose 105g; 70g or more...

Subtextile has been exploring and innovating, and we deeply hope that we can solve the problems of digital printing for our customers and achieve maximum benefit together. Our professional team guarantees the fast arrival of your goods, and various certificates guarantee product quality.

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