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Inks: Environmental conditions of use and storage(1)

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Update time : 2020-11-20 13:36:39
Environmental parameters in the use of ink
In general, inks for large format printers can operate with extreme parameters on 10ºC to 35ºC and humidity range of 20% to 80% without condensation. But the correct temperature values ​​oscillate between 15ºC and 28ºC and an ambient humidity range between 40% and 65%.

Temperature has a great influence on the behavior of fluids, greatly modifying the relationship between the applied force and the response of the liquid. The higher the temperature of a liquid, the lower its viscosity. Therefore, reaching extreme temperatures, the ink loses chemical stability, causing poor fixation on the substrate. Exposure of the ink to temperatures higher than 28ºC will cause the solvent base of the ink (excessive evaporation and loss of viscosity), resulting in the transportation of pigments and colorants and the substantial evaporation and loss of viscosity of the elements that provide the fluidity required for printing, all of which may cause dripping or splashing.

Viscosity is a fundamental parameter in inks. A very viscous ink clogs the cartridge and one with a lower value than normal will not give a correct image when printing. Excessive cold, on the other hand, can cause inks, especially water-based inks (solvent-based ones have glycols that are like antifreeze), to clog the printhead or ruin it by increasing its viscosity and densifying. It is important that, especially in very cold places, the temperature outside at night may drop a lot, below zero, and the temperature in the printing and ink storage areas is not less than 5ºC. For this reason, even if you need to use a temperature programmer, etc., it is necessary to adjust the temperature of the area.

The humidity of the environment, in excess, in addition to being harmful to the printing media, is also another of the climatological factors that affects the inks the most.The parameters must be included in the range of 40% to 65%, as we have already mentioned. The degree of humidity in the environment is one of the factors that affect the drying of all inks causing repaints, jams in the loading of paper, etc ... To reduce the humidity, ventilate the room, if you have an air conditioner, connect it in place for ventilation (fan) for air recirculation and renewal. In winter, do not abuse the heating, especially gas stoves that give off more moisture, better use other alternatives such as ceramic plates or fluid emitters, and if we still do not reduce the humidity, install a dehumidifier, this device is capable to eliminate excess humidity from the environment, and reduce it to the required level.

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