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Colorful DTF fluorescent printing solution

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Update time : 2022-01-05 22:49:58

Fluorescent color is a very eye-catching color system. All kinds of luminous products made by fluorescent printing process are completely and safely used in daily consumer goods, such as clothing, clocks, switches, signs, fishing gear, handicrafts, and sporting goods, and are used in architectural decoration and transportation tools. , Military facilities, fire emergency systems such as entrance and exit signs, escape and life-saving route indication systems have a good effect. It can be concluded that fluorescent disperse dyes can be applied wherever the color is more vivid and bright.


In textile printing applications, you can apply fluorescent colors to commonly used products such as T-shirts, caps, denim, backpacks, etc., to create unique fashion items. You can also use it on sportswear, cycling clothes, and other products to make you more outstanding on the sports field. Fluorescent swimsuits are also popular among consumers, and their bright colors are widely used in the field of children's swimwear.



The perfect color expression has always been one of the highlights of the DTF printing solution. This time, Hanrun paper® launched a new DTF fluorescent printer PRO A-602. It can not only realize CMYK+W five-color printing but also increase the output of FM/FY/FR/FG four fluorescent colors, which can easily realize 9-color fluorescent printing, which greatly broadens your color scheme. The DTF fluorescent printer is equipped with 3 Epson I3200 print heads, the maximum printing rate can reach 14㎡/h, and the operation of the automatic retractable film system is more convenient. The tunnel baking system outputs high-quality heat transfer, which is more efficient when it is pressed and dried, and the fluorescent color of the printing after high-temperature pressing is very bright. In addition, we also present a free sample kit of PRO series consumables, including DTF filmDTF ink, and hot melt powder.


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