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Aspects that you should keep in mind about the tools and their effect on the sublimation paper

Subtextile is a sublimation paper manufactory since 2009, we are a professional expert in this industry. Today we want to tell you some tips about sublimation paper.

The first thing you should know is that sublimation consists of creating designs and putting them on a multitude of objects. In this process, the sublimation paper plays an indisputable role and acts as an ink carrier, transferring the drawing to the desired object.

Although all the tools are important, there are two that we must always study carefully, since they will undoubtedly determine the choice of paper, and the result of the printing.

1.Sublimation printer

It is the first thing you must decide based on the dimensions of the project you want to carry out; what printer format do you need; of small format (A4 or A3) or medium/large format (A2).

Small-format printers are cheaper and large enough to personalize small items like mugs, for example.

The most important thing is to choose a quality printer model. Be very clear that the choice of printer you make will determine everything else; the inks and also the type of paper, creating a domino effect between these 3 elements.

In no case do we recommend taking advantage of your office printer because it has already been used with ordinary inkjet inks, and to convert it into a sublimation printer you should previously carry out a thorough cleaning of the ink channel with all that that implies. Remember that cheap can be expensive.


2.Sublimation inks

It is essential to choose and use inks for the sublimation of the highest quality, manufactured by leading companies, to avoid surprises in the finishes of the sublimation process and not to alter the final result.

The color profile is another point that we must assess since it translates the ink colors to the printer.

In general, you can use the same ink for rigid and textiles. And please note that ink errors cannot be erased as it is permanent.


3. Sublimation paper

As we have already seen, all tools are important in the sublimation process, but there are two that directly influence the choice of paper and that will determine the success of this technique: the printer model and the inks.

However, paper is essential in the sublimation process so that everything turns out perfect:

- Keeps ink dots as small as possible for maximum image definition and fast ink drying.

- Allows maximum ink transfer making the paper as clean as possible after applying the design with the transfer plate.


3.1 Step by step: What do we do once we have the printer?

Well, choose the printer, but what do I have to look at first? Very simple, in the type of weight that your printer supports.

a) There are three types of grammage :

- High grammage: Designed for rigid (more than 100g).

Subtextile sublimation paper can provide you with 140gsm for large ink loading.

- Medium weight: For all types of polyester or polyester coated surfaces (between 90 and 100g).

- Low grammage: Designed for textiles (less than 90g).


35gsm EVO sublimation paper is a new HOT selling product developed by Subtextile independently. This kind of sublimation paper can help our clients reduce their running cost and get more profit and it is the best product in low gram sublimation paper


3.2 Which side is the sublimation paper printed on?

This is a question that depends on each paper since there are papers that can even be printed on both sides.

Anyway, there is a generic way to find out, and that is that normally when the paper comes with a logo, it is printed on the opposite side.

However, you don't have to worry, at Subtextile we always give you instructions so that you know which side you have to print each of our papers for.

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