DTF Printer with Optional Powder Shaking Machine

-Printing heads: 2/4 i3200
-With powder shaking machine(optional)
-Ink Tank Continuous Feed System
-Design Software with Video Tutorials
-Powder shaking Weight: 260kg

 DTF Printer with Optional Powder Shaking Machine


The DTF printing device is the market's most advanced DTF solution. The DTF printer with a powder shaking machine will make sure the powder is evenly spread all over the printed surface on the film. After shaking the powder on the film, the drying machine will melt the powder and then take up the roll.
The printed products can work on both white and dark textiles and work with a variety of fabric styles (cotton, poly, blends, leathers, denim, and more).




 Easy to use, labor-saving

 Environmental protection

 Stable printing performance



 Washing labels; all kinds of socks

 Fashion clothes

 Personalized customization




Other options of powder dry machine for D600 DTF printer:

How to use (160℃ 10s)




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