1.8m 3 Heads I3200 Sublimation Printer

1.8m 4 heads I3200 Sublimation Printer

-- 4 pcs Epson I3200 printheads
-- Printing resolution up to 160m2/h - Stable sublimation printing quality
-- Ink/paper shortage alarm system

Subtextile 1.8m 4 heads sublimation printer uses the all-aluminum ink stack self-developed, which is more reliable and durable. The printer has an automatic constant temperature drying system to ensure that the printing material is heated evenly and has good ink absorption, allowing a vivid and full printing effect.

The printer has a large-capacity ink shortage alarm system and intelligent reminder function, ensuring continuous ink supply. Also, it is equipped with a paper shortage alarm system and paper printing intelligent reminder, which is more convenient and safe to operate.

The sublimation printer has been designed to expand business opportunities with high-quality printing on a wide range of personalized products, lanyards, and the heat transfer industry.



 4 pcs Epson I3200 printheads

 The stable printing quality

 Large-capacity ink shortage alarm system

 Paper shortage alarm system

 Automatic constant temperature drying system

 The whole printer is tested strictly, reliable, stable, and can meet the needs of mass production

Technical parameter
Printhead  4 pcs EPS I3200
Printing resolution 2 Pass: 160m2/h 4 Pass: 90m2/h 
Printing Width 1.9m
Media type Sublimation Transfer Paper
Heating system Auto constant temperature drying system
Media Heating system Intelligent infrared drying system
Ink shortage alarm system
Paper shortage alarm system
RIP software Maintop, Riin, Photoprint(Optional)
Temperature/Humidity Temperature: 20-30°C, humidity: 45%-65%
Power Power: 230W, external drying: 2400W
Machine dimension L3040*W1080*H1810mm
Package dimension L3180*W840*H750mm
Net weight 300KG
Gross weight 380KG