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You must know about Inkjet Printer tips

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With the development of digital printing, More and more factories have chosen inkjet printers. Inkjet printers have the advantages of high speed, bright images, high resolution, and wide range of applications, but sometimes we find that the print heads do not print when printing. What's going on here? Today, I'm here to answer some of the reasons why the nozzle may be blocked and how to solve the problem.

The cause of nozzle clogging may have the following aspects:
>Poor ink quality causes plugging of the nozzle.
>Sharp changes in temperature and humidity affect the print head and ink, the best conserve temperature: 20~35℃,Humidity: 40-60%.
>The effect of the nozzle's voltage on the nozzle. Power specification is AC220V, 50HZ.
>The effect of static electricity on equipment and ink.
>The effect of the cleaning method on the nozzle.
>Work habits affect the nozzle.
>Ink viscosity.

Now I'll give you the reason why inkjet printers don't print ink.
Firstly, check that the cartridge is out of ink and just add ink.
Secondly, maybe the nozzle is broken and replace the new nozzle.
Thirdly, some parts above the motherboard are broken.

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