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World Cup Jersey competition, German Jersey is very powerful

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As we all know, 2018 World Cup will start from June 14 to July 15. The jersey is the symbol of each team, and the identification of teammates is also a symbol of a country and a team. Each pattern, pattern or design is of great significance to the team. I will introduce you to the World Cup jerseys of the most handsome top ten countries in history.
Top ten:
Argentina, 1978. Since the 1978 World Cup was held in the winter, this jersey is also a rare long-sleeved jersey. It is worth mentioning that in that World Cup, the jersey number worn by Argentine players was assigned in the order of the player's first letter.

Top Nine:
United States, 1994. The American team's World Cup jersey is full of American stars and stripes. The jersey has a blue background and is covered with stars of different sizes.

Top Eight:
England, 1982. England jerseys have always been known for their simplicity and generosity. In the 1982 World Cup in Spain, the England team boldly used red and blue decorative patterns on the shoulders, and blue shorts also echoed.

Top Seven:
The Netherlands, 1974. In 1974, the Dutch team returned to the World Cup for the first time since the 1930s. Can imagine, when they were wearing bright orange jerseys to smash the stadium, it brought a great sensation. This also makes this jersey more historic

Top Six:
Germany, 1994. In the 1994 World Cup in the United States, the upper part of the German jersey was covered with red, black and yellow diamond patterns, and black shorts also echoed with the same rhombus pattern. The clever rhythm pattern resembles the feathers of the wings of the German eagle.

Top Five:
Mexico, 1998. The Mexican national team's jersey is very bold in color, and a totem flower is also printed on the shirt with a green background. This is a classic scripture.

Top Four:
Peru, 1970. The home jersey of the Peruvian national team always uses a white background with a red diagonal stripe design. This has also become the symbol of the Peruvian national team.

Top Three:
Brazil, 1970. The Brazilian jersey in 1970 is considered to be a sportswear that perfectly combines yellow, green, blue and white.

Top Two:
Croatia, 1998. Until today, the Croatian team has also been affectionately referred to as the "Lattice Legion" by the fans. This is enough to see the Croatian home jersey in 1998 becoming an eternal classic with the artistic atmosphere emanating from Eastern European football.

Top One:
West Germany, 1990. The most beautiful jersey in the world is the West Germany jersey on the 1990 World Cup. The tri-colored stripes on the sloping shirts are matched with the logo of the clover, giving people a great visual impact.

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