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What kind of sublimation ink is the best for sublimation printing?

To recap, there is no ‘best’ sublimation ink.

The best is whatever type or brand most compatible with your actual printing equipment.

You can buy the most expensive (or ‘best’) type or brand of DS ink, but if it isn’t compatible with your equipment, then your equipment will be damaged.

Sublimation ink is more cost in the sublimation printing !

the best sublimation ink ,

  1. for brand, kiian, jetck , sts, papijet
  2. for quality, Epson original sublimation ink is good
  3. for price, Chinese oem sublimation ink is cheap and Indian local brand also cheap
  4. if you want to find best ink , first you need to know which application you used during the sublimation printing ! Second, you need know the printer you used. Last, you can think about your profit rate you want!
  5. more money you want ,more hard you work!

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