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What do you know about your favorite NFL Sportswear?

For many NFL die-hard fans, being able to watch a game on the court and having an Authentic, Elite, Game jersey is a matter of honor and happiness. You know that the player you like wears it. How did the game suit come from?

Clothing fabrics are varied. Chemical fibers, especially polyesters, and polypropylene, which are water-repellent fibers, absorb very little moisture, but they can absorb and transmit moisture along the fiber's own pores and fiber-to-fiber gaps through the capillary effect.
In addition to moisture wicking performance, another reason for the selection of synthetic fabrics for sportswear is that these types of profiled synthetic fabrics are not easily conformable.

Therefore, it is necessary to select suitable materials for production according to different sports. For example, swimming can use imitation sharkskin fabrics; while cycling, gymnastics, skating, skiing, these sportswear in addition to bright colors, but also have a certain degree of flexibility.
If the elasticity of the fabric is to be maintained while the color is tightly fixed, tacky sublimation transfer paper is required. The high sticky sublimation transfer paper has heavy tacky, and the pattern and the fabric are tightly adhered to each other, and under high temperature, the image is transferred. To the sportswear, the pattern is clear and the transfer rate is high. Anti curl, eliminates ghoasting and bulrring issues. you are doing with Pneumatic double station heat press machine
, second ,the textile is stretch material, or it is easy to move.

Then use the KIIAN sublimation ink, the ink flow is good, the transfer image is colorful, the level is rich, the stability is high, the color purity is high, the color saturation of the transfer image is good, the degree of reduction is high, the ink is not plugged, and the ink is not inclined The high color rendering rate results in less consumption, faster drying speed, and direct savings on consumables costs.

These were all done on a pneumatic double station heat press machine and our company also sale Roland, Epson Pneumatic double station heat press machine

According to my introduction, I wonder if you have any understanding of the sportswear you like. If you need it, you can also get more information about sticky sublimation transfer paper or dye sublimation ink for you.

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