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What are the main applications of sublimation ink?

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In the market, sublimation ink is most consist with disperse dyes from the textile industry. Disperse dyes have a very good color saturation, while fastness is very good, so it has a very wide range of applications in the printing and dyeing industry. Generally speaking, it is now used in a wide range of areas, such as fabrics, leather, metal and wood, but also in glass, ceramics and PVC and other aspects of application.

Choosing the right sublimation ink, it is not only to ensure that the heat transfer pattern level clear and exquisite, but also can be comparable with the traditional printing. From its type of view, it is making dye sublimation to achieve the dyeing of the media in the high temperature, so that the pattern is more solid, clear, and more stronger in color and color fastness area, , so you can keep a long time and do not fade, so become the most popular pattern processing production process.

It is because the sublimation ink is stable and widely used, it is the most popular heat transfer products, and with the heat transfer technology in the full popularity, it is necessary to have more high-quality products for business services, A lot of personalized products processing, quality assurance will be strictly checked, the advantages of its features will be in place, and then get more customers’ full trust.

In general, from the above description, it can be seen that the application of sublimation ink is very wide, whether it is metal or ceramic, plexiglass and fabric etc. materials, he can achieve a solid pattern guarantee, which can also performance good in terms of quality, so can provide customers with the best service  to the maximum.

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