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How to clean ink cartridge for Epson printer F6200 F6270?

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After a long time using the sublimation printer, we need to clean the pump assy and ink cartridge for better printing effect. So today I will introduce some tips for you guys!
1. It is necessary to select the correct cleaning solution according to the ink brands. If the cleaning liquid is incorrectly chosen, it will cause damage to the printer.

2. Make sure the printer is in the power-off state during operation. When it is involved in the operation of the ink sac, do not spill liquid on the print head.

Operating Steps:
1. Remove the ink cartridge from the machine, pour the ink from the cartridge and clean it with a cleaning solution.
2. Locate the ink sac and use a syringe to draw ink from the ink sac until the ink cannot be drawn.

3. Pour a clean empty cartridge into the appropriate amount of cleaning solution and insert the machine.
4. Use a syringe to draw the cleaning solution from the ink sac and repeat the operation until the ink sac is filled with the cleaning solution.
5.After the entire ink path is filled with a cleaning solution so that the cleaning liquid can better clean the ink sac and the ink tube.
6. First remove the ink cartridge from the machine, then use the syringe to draw the cleaning liquid through the ink sac, and finally install the ink sac.

7. Remove the ink cartridge to check if there is any residual cleaning liquid, clean the residual cleaning liquid in the ink cartridge, pour the ink, and then put it into the machine.
8. Select the maintenance button through the machine's control menu for deep cleaning, clean it several times, then print the nozzle check, and perform the normal print operation when the nozzle check pattern is satisfied.

This article is for reference only. Please confirm that your machine's ink path construction is suitable for this method before the operation.

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