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The secret of selling 3 million World Cup jerseys for three minutes

As we all know, the 2018 Russia World Cup is about to kick off. This is also the 21st World Cup. Football fans must be looking forward to the jerseys that their favorite teams release. Now I will introduce which team World Cup Jersey is most popular?
Nigeria is one of the many teams in the World Cup. This team does not have too much popularity in the world. Surprisingly, Nigerian jerseys have been hot. Whether it is in Nike's official mall or flagship store, Nigerian jerseys are hard to find.

Nike launched the Nigerian World Cup jersey at 9:00 am British time on the morning of June 1, and received 3 million orders in just three minutes. The jersey style was released in February and was endorsed by Premiership players such as Ivobi and Enidi. The design was inspired by the 1994 Nigerian jersey with a white background and covered with black and green arrows.

The design of the jersey graphic represents the spirit of this team. The selection of fabrics is to meet the requirements of this type of sports such as the elasticity of fabrics, sweat absorption and breathability, and softness. Personally, in the transfer of patterns, we provide highly sticky sublimation transfer paper produced. Tacky sublimation paper with its special tacky layer is suitable for sportswear. During the heat transfer process, the paper will stick to the surface of your product tightly and will eliminate the ghost due to movements of the transfer process. In the thermal transfer process, the transfer rate is as high as 98%, Anti Curl, and the picture and Number is clear and colorful.

In a word, If you want to have the same amazing business, it is better to try our tacky sublimation paper and dye sublimation ink, perhaps your jersey will sell better, catch this World Cup chance to create your miracle.

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