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The Impact Of Xiangshui Tianjiayi Explosion With Dye Ink

With the rapid development of digital sublimation printing and the wide use of inkjet technology, more and more people tend to start sublimation textile business. As we know, inkjet ink plays an important role, but to find an economic and environmentally friendly sublimation ink is not easy. Luckily all kinds of sublimation ink, OA ink and pigment ink all could get in Subtextile.

On March 21 .2019, an explosion occurred at the Tianjiayi Chemical Plant in Chenjiagang, Yancheng, Yancheng. What happened to the dye market? Now follow me to see it.


We conducted research and mainly had the following three effects:

First, Tianjiayi is one of the three core production plants for the dye intermediate m-phenylenediamine. At present, only Zhejiang Longsheng has the normal production. The explosion will directly lead to the shortage of supply of m-phenylenediamine and the price increase. The price of disperse and reactive dyes has an impact. Among them, disperse dyes involve dyes such as disperse black, disperse red 167, disperse blue 183:1, disperse blue 165, etc. Reactive dyes involve active black WNN, active yellow 3RS, active golden P-2RN, active yellow K-RN, etc. dye.

Second, the location of the explosion factory in northern Jiangsu will directly delay the resumption of the work of the dye and intermediate plants in northern Jiangsu. In addition, the enterprises in the nearby industrial park will also be affected. For example, the largest active yellow dye and intermediate production enterprises are expected to continue to rise under the premise that the yellow dye has been continuously increased. Disperse blue 60, 56, red 60 will also continue to rise.

Last but not least, while the price of disperse and reactive dyes increases, it may also increase the linkage of other dyes. It is recommended that the intermediate product of phenylenediamine be properly stocked.

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