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Summer is coming, your summer dress are ready?

Unconsciously, it was already summer. Walking on the street, beautiful women couldn't keep up with our eyes. Various styles of clothes, various hats, clothes, shoes, and accessories displayed in the window attracted our attention.
The fabrics of these clothes are also different, there are several different fabrics clothes to help you seclect your summer dress. Helping you cool and beautiful to spend a different summer.

1.Cotton fabric: refers to the fabric woven from cotton yarn or cotton and cotton blended yarns. It has good air permeability, good hygroscopicity, and comfortable wear. It is a popular and popular material. Can be divided into two categories of cotton products, cotton blended.

2.Hemp fabrics: Hemp fabrics made of hemp fibers and hemp and other fibers blended or interwoven fabrics are collectively referred to as hemp fabrics. The common feature of hemp fabrics is their firm texture, toughness, firmness, firmness, coolness and comfort, and good moisture absorption. They are ideal summer apparel fabrics. Hemp fabrics can be divided into pure and blended textiles.

3.Silk fabric: It is an upscale variety in textiles. Mainly refers to mul berry silk, tussah silk, rayon, synthetic fiber filament as the main raw material of the fabric. It has the advantages of thin, light, soft, smooth, elegant, gorgeous and comfortable.
4.Purified fiber fabrics: Chemical fiber fabrics are popular with people for their fastness, good elasticity, stiffness, abrasion resistance, washability, and easy storage. The purified fabric is a fabric made from pure chemical fibers. Its characteristics are determined by the characteristics of its chemical fiber itself.

The patterns on these fabrics are all available through sublimation transfer paper and sublimation transfer printer. Our company sells the corresponding dye sublimation ink and sublimation printers and t-shirt sublimation paper.

After reading the above introduction, did you know how to pick your summer dress?

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