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Subtextile Spirit!! 12 PM Service Our Clients Also

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At 12 o'clock in the middle of the weekend, what are you doing always? Watching "Game of Thrones" or TBBT or Manchester United and Barcelona's Champions League replay or have a date with your girlfriend hhhh.

I will inform you Subtextile is still serving our clients this Saturday at 12 pm.
They are from Sri Lanka, and arriving Nanjing already 7 pm. Our colleague Paul and Monica one hour ahead waiting for them in Nanjing Lukou Airport. Have a nice meal then bring them to our office.

This time they testing our new 90gsm 100gsm sticky paper special for sportswear, very satisfied with transfer effect.


And since 3.21 China Xiangshui Explosion, the whole market dye ink price will increase soon→Link So they order 500kg Epson refill sublimation ink once with the original price.

Thank you for our client's support and trust. Subtextile always best sublimation printing service for you!

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