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Subtextile ITMA Expo Review II

Last week I reviewed the ITMA Expo and introduced the Mimaki TS55-1800 sublimation ink printer. Since so many people eager to know more information about ITMA Expo. Today I will introduce another popular sublimation inkjet printer Epson S60680 to you!

The Epson S60680 is the evolutional sublimation transfer inkjet printer for textile use. Although its printing speed not fast like Mimaki TS55-1800, which with 52.3sqm/h. But it features newly-developed Epson UltraChrome® GS3 with 4-color solvent ink for outstanding print quality which more reliability and stability. This sublimation printer is also easy to use and maintian.

With 52.3sqm/h printing speed it is good for light coating sublimation paper. The fit ink for this sublimation printer is GS3. You can find related ink here.

See you next time!
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