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New arrival A3/A4 with American standard T-shirt transfer paper

Subtextile new arrival with American standard A3/A4 T-shirt transfer paper.

We can offer laser T-shirt transfer paper, inkjet T-shirt transfer paper, Dark Self-wedding laser transfer paper and cotton sublimation paper.

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Ideal for sports wear and interior decoration

It is recommended to let the product reach operative conditions in terms of temperature and humidity at least 24 hours prior to use, taking care of not stirring it, and apply the product under controlled conditions:
The ink is ready to use and it is recommended to use it through the external  feeding system (INK FEEDER, COE.M4087..), so that a steady printing quality is assured.
The printed paper must be transferred hot, through calender or flat press, at a temperature between 180-220°C during a varying time, between180” and 30’’
Time and temperature may vary, depending on the type and nature of the material, which the transfer is made onto.
In case that a decoration of such rigid substrates, that due to their nature are not  similar to the sublimation ink, is required, it is necessary to prepare this affinity, by  preventively applying a coating (SUBLICOAT A+B, CODEM40810..)onto the surface to be decorated.

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