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I heard that people who understand these parameters have choose best printers

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Subtextile® is a coating factory with our own R&D division,3 coating lines for normally production daily.
The coating machine max can coat 3.2m wide sublimation transfer paper.
And we have 2 automatic slitting machines, which can make Mini Jumbo roll sublimation transfer paper and Jumbo roll sublimation transfer paper.
We have 4 printers make quality control, Epson, Mimaki, Ro land, China made printer. We test for every order.

A friend told me that when he went to buy an inkjet printer, he heard that the purchasing guide introduced him to some of the inkjet printer's parameters. However, he was still confused, and he did not know how to choose a suitable printer for him. I guess many of my friends should also have such questions when choosing ink-jet printers. Today, I will give you a list of important parameters that should be taken into consideration when choosing a printer.

Firstly, resolution: The resolution of inkjet printers is relatively high. In general, a resolution of 1200 dpi or more is sufficient.
Secondly, output speed: generally A4, output speed per minute from a few to several dozen.
Thirdly, drop size, the smaller the ink size, the more delicate images can be printed
Lastly, number of ink cartridges: the more ink cartridges, the more advanced the printer
Now you have a certain understanding of choosing inkjet printers?
Today I will introduce a printer that satisfies all the above conditions. It is 1.8m sublimation printer with Epson 5113 head. This printer ideal for fast, economical short- to-medium volume dye-sublimation transfer printing, at speeds up to 55 square meter per hour and widths up to 72''.Developed using 2 print heads 5113 for printing, with high working efficiency.

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