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How to choose the suitable sublimation ink for your sublimation printing business?

How to choose the suitable sublimation ink for your sublimation printing business?

Sublimation ink is a kind of bulk ink, people print it on the sublimation paper, then transfer them onto the fabric, metal, ceramic. 
Sublimation printing has wide application, it can be used on sublimation apparel, home textile, soft signage, sign and display, sportswear, gifts.

In the industry, many friends often hear about the sublimation of ink, and some of them are either because the ink is blocked, or because the ink quality is not good, the printed effect is not very satisfactory. For these problems with sublimation ink selection, we share some tips on how to properly select sublimation inks.

1.The ink reduction rate
Sublimation inks are mainly used to transfer images to products through the characteristics of sublimation, so the color reduction rate is more important. Generally, the reduction rate of the imported ink can reach 90%, and the image on the thermal transfer paper after the transfer is substantially white. So the color saturation of the image is very good, and the color is brighter.

2.Ink particle size
The large-sublimation sublimation ink is easy to cause the printer to plug, and the image of the product produced is not delicate enough. When viewed with a magnifying glass, the granular shape can be clearly seen. In general, the domestic sublimation ink particles will be larger than the particles of the imported sublimation ink, which results in the printer not being fine enough to read and transfer the image.

3.The purity of sublimation ink color
This problem should be encountered by everyone, and some inferior sublimation ink black is somewhat red and purple. For thermal transfer inks, black ink is the most easily color cast, so when you choose, you can first print a black color block to see if the color after transfer is black. This is also an important indicator that directly distinguishes the advantages and disadvantages of heat transfer sublimation inks.


4.The price of thermal transfer consumable ink
Thermal transfer consumable inks are divided into three categories, one is domestic ink, the other is imported ink, and the other is domestic production of imported materials. Domestic ink is domestic production of domestic raw materials. As for imported ink, it is divided into American imported sublimation ink, South Korean imported sublimation ink and German imported sublimation ink.
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