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How to identify the quality of sublimation inkjet ink

Today sublimation printing plays more and more important role in textile industry. And since so many brand's ink on market, sometimes it is really difficult for customers to choose. So I write this blog to show you the key to the quality of sublimation inkjet ink!

1. Environmental protection function
Since digital printing products may come into contact with the skin, so environmentally friendly inks is essential in the market. Therefore, digital printing transfer inks are necessary to be water base inks.

2.Color fastness
Color fastness, including washing fastness, dry rubbing fastness. Color fastness is important when judge the printing effect, that is (not fade), and it usually printing with excellent printing ink, and the color fastness is

3.color saturation
The color of the printed products whather colorful, if it can reach or even beyond the traditional printing color, it is also important to judge the quality of sublimation ink.

The above three points are the elements for judging the sublimation inkejt ink. If you still have wonders, no worry Subtextile has many reliable brand for you such as Epson, Mimaki, inktec, kisco ink. Subtextile own ink for DX4, DX5, TFP with dealer price also a good choice for you!
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