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How to choose ideal sublimation printer

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Nowadays digital sublimation textile more and more popular. This is not only for the business company but also for personality! More and more people start purchasing a sublimation printer for their own use. And many people don't know how to choose a more valuable machine, so today I write this blog post!

first keys
: accuracy and speed
Digital printing machine precision and speed is the key to 
production cost and quality. And this is determined by the quality of the hardware used by the machine itself.

Second keys
: machine cost
As we know sublimation printers can come handy in 
printing of mugs, T-shirts and high-quality photos. So a new printer normally values a lot, sometimes a second-hand with a good quality ensures machine seems also a good choice for your own use

Last but not least keys
: stability
Stable quality is also a very important part. Since replace or repair a machine usually cost too much, a reliable brand's printer plays an important role. For a newbie, Epson, Mimaki is a better choice!

Some recommendations for you:
.Original new print and cut Mimaki CJV150-75 Features: fast printing speed with superior printing quality

2.Epson classic 90% new T7280 reasonable price and reliable quality

3.Mimaki JV33-160 99% new Printer

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