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How to choose correct paper on different model printer

At present. The most popular sublimation printer is Mimaki, Epson ,Ms, ets.  If you have not these machine , it is ok. You just confirm your printer use sublimation ink.
Most of Epson printer size is 1.3M.  For example ture color F6070. The printer max printing width is 1.118M. In this size printer, you can choose width 0.85M ,0.914m and 1.118M paper.


Mimaki max printing width is 1.62M. In this width paper , our company can offer 1.3M ,1.5m ,1.6m and 1.62M width paper .  Mimaki printer suit to 100gsm ,90gsm and 80gsm paper .
Ms printing machine Max printing width is 1.8M.If you want to reduce the cost of production, you can consider our 60gsm paper. In this gram of paper. We can offer all of size paper to you.

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