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14.9 million World Cup Jerseys, how many of you sold?

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It has been a week since Russia's World Cup started. Did your favorite team win?

Outside the stadium, another war that does not see gun smoke has already begun. The previous World Cup Jerseys are also a stage to display their own strengths and design concepts. This time is no exception.

The total number of jersey sales of 32 teams in the Russian World Cup is expected to reach 14.9 million. Which team jersey do you prefer?

As we all know, the selection of fabrics is to meet the requirements of this type of sports such as the elasticity of fabrics, sweat absorption and breathability, and softness. Personally, in the transfer of patterns, we provide highly sticky sublimation transfer paper produced. Tacky sublimation paper with its special tacky layer is suitable for sportswear. During the heat transfer process, the paper will stick to the surface of your product tightly and will eliminate the ghost due to movements of the transfer process. In the thermal transfer process, the transfer rate is as high as 98%, Anti Curl, and the picture and Number is clear and colorful.

If you are a World Cup jersey trader, you must seize this opportunity to mass-produce jersey sales. Of course, except sticky sublimation paper, you need to buy other like sublimation printers, dye sublimation ink etc. We are also very happy to help you. We provide high quality sublimation ink make the jerseys intense and vibrant colors, fast drying time on transfer paper, universal for both and transfer printing.

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