HD TFP® Sublimation Ink Refills For EPSON 77/79/97 Series Printers For Print Head DX6/5113/4720

-Compatible with EPSON 77/79/97 series printers, EPSON SC-S70680/50680/30680, F5080/7080/7180, etc;
-Fit for print head DX6/5113/4720.
-Colors: C, M, Y, K,LC, LM
-Color similar to original EPSON ink, no need change ICC profile if use original ink
Subtextile® is an industrial and commercial factory with a history of over 10 years of foreign trade. We have our own sublimation ink and sublimation paper factory and are committed to providing our customers with a complete digital printing solution from materials to equipment, including various inks, sublimation papers, Printers. In Subtextile®, you can find the most professional technical support, product support, and the best services in China.


1.8m/4 head 4720 Sublimation Printer

Subtextile 55gsm Sublimation Paper

Sublimation Ink Special For DX5, DX7, TFP

Sublimation Ink With Bag Package

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