70gsm Tacky Quick Dry Sublimation Paper For Sportswear

--Anti-curl cut in piece
--Eliminate the problems of ghosting and blurring
--fast dry
--high sticky
Nanjing Sub Textile Co., Ltd
 Subtextile® is a coating factory with our own R&D division,3 coating line for
normally production daily
Manufacturer of sublimation transfer paper
. The coating machine max can coat 3.2m wide sublimation transfer paper. And we have 2 automatic slitting machines, which can make Mini Jumbo roll sublimation transfer paper and Jumbo roll sublimation transfer paper.
                                                                  Our producing process

70gsm Heavy Tacky Sublimation Paper Roll
70gsm heavy tacky sublimation transfer paper roll mainly used on the traditional plotters for producing sports garments with an ink quantity of up to 240%.
--Anti-curl cut in piece
--Eliminate the problems of ghosting and blurring
--fast dry
--high sticky


Packing details

We do sublimation printing on Mimaki for this paper
Printing on Mimaki

Transfer result on fabric


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  1. How to distinguish dye sublimation transfer paper print side?
  A: Normally dye sublimation transfer paper rolls outside is print side. You can also use litter water to distinguish the print side. Sublimation paper coating layer felt sticky and adhesive.

  2. How to storage your sublimation paper rolls?
  A: Sublimation paper rolls need be sealed, and the storage temperature around 10-30centigrade, humidity around 45-55%.

  3. How long for sublimation paper use life?
  A: Normal sublimation transfer paper rolls can be used for 1 year. Sticky sublimation paper can be used for 8months

  4. How to keep sublimation paper keep smooth not touch your print head?
  A: Make printing room humidity around 45-55%, use good quality sublimation paper.

What's the tips for sticky sublimation paper use?
  A: Do
notexposeittoheater for a long time before transferring.

  6. If we could get service after ordering?
  A: Yes, our customers could contact us through email or 
social media

  7. What's the shipping method
  A: Via DHL, FedEx, and sea shipping ways

  8. What's the delivery time
  A: Usually around 7~10 working days

  9. What's the MOQ
  A: Around 2500 USD.

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