1.8m EPS3200|/4720 2 head Sublimation Printer

- Max media: 1.8m
- Print speed: 35 squaremeters/hour
- Print head: 2 Epson 5113 head
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Nanjing Sub Textile Co., Ltd
Subtextile® is a coating factory with our own R&D division,3 coating lines for normally production daily.
The coating machine max can coat 3.2m wide sublimation transfer paper.

We have technical for all equipments, we are looking for dealer in Mexico and Colombia worldwide.

Now we have Sublimation ink printer in 1.8m wide, 3.2m wide.

The print head is EPS3200, 4720, DX5, 5113 for sublimation printing.


1.8m 2 head EPS3200/ 4720 Sublimation Printer
This printer ideal for fast, economical short- to-medium volume dye-sublimation transfer printing, at speeds up to 55 square meter per hour and widths up to 72''.


Printing speed
Resolution DPI Speed(EPS3200) 
2 pass  720*900dpi 60m2/h
4 pass  720*1200dpi 21m2/h
6 pass  720*1800dpi 30m2/h
8 pass  720*1200dpi 21m2/h



Details of the machine

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These products have good compatibility for a variety of printers, these are part of the software.



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