1.8m 3 DX5 Sublimation Printer

110sqm/h Printing Speed(3 pass for CMYK)
Unattended work, high working efficiency

High Speed 3 DX5 Sublimation Printer



Point 1 110sqm/h Printing Speed(3 pass for CMYK)

4 point head staggered, even CMYK can point speed can up to 110sqm/h for 3 pass, even CMYK 4 pass up to 80sqm/h.

Printing Speed 

4 pass (720*720dpi):46sqm/h   3pass (360*900dpi):72sqm/h
6 pass (720*1080dpi):31sqm/h 4 pass (720*1200dpi):57sqm/h
8 pass (720*1440dpi):23sqm/h 6 pass (720*1800dpi):46sqm/h

Different ink color match 


Point 2 Unattended work, high working efficiency

                                                       Rewinding system control paper                  Automatic print head equipment
tension, Automatic dry head protector

                      StrongCISS                                                               Ink

Sublimation Ink& Sublimation Paper Matched

Product specifications/ consumables
model   HR1804-E HR1804-E
nozzle   3 DX5 3 5113
Printing technology   Piezoelectric inkjet printing  
medium width 1820mm  
thickness 1mm  
weight 80kg  
Print Width   1800  
ink box type sublimation ink  
capacity 220cc ii ink cartridge + 1.5l large ink bottle(Large ink system)  
color 4 colors, 6 colors, 8 colors optional  
Print resolution   Maximum1440dpi  
printing speed   4 pass(720*720dpi):70㎡/h 3pass (360*900dpi):110㎡/h
  6pass (720*1080dpi):50㎡/h 4 pass (720*1200dpi):80㎡/h
  8 pass (720*1440dpi):36㎡/h 6 pass (720*1800dpi):70㎡/h
heating system   Integrated heater, infrared dryer and fan system  
interface   USB2.0  
power supply   AC220V±10%,50/60HZ  
Machine size   3210(W)×1048(D)×1420(H)mm  
weight   700kg  
package size   3360(W)×1200(D)×1590(H)mm  
Package weigh   800kg  
envionment open temperature:59°F to 90°F【15℃ to 32℃】(68°F[20℃] or higher)/ humidity:35 to 80% ( No condensation)
close temperature:41°F to 104°F【5℃ to 40℃】/ humidity:20 to 80%( No condensation)
accessory   Bracket, receiver, infrared drying system, cold air drying system, large ink system, ink - capsule、Drive disk.etc