1000*600mm Lanyard Ribbon heat press machine

-Automatic shutdown function
-Oil temperature heating technology
-Various sizes of webbing
-Power protection function
Description Printing&Transfer video
 Lanyard Ribbon Roll Heat Press Machine 600*420mm

The Rotary transfer machine is a high economic performance and high cost.

1.The 100% roller drum round seamless pipe, precision machining, cylindrical roller precision grinder, ensure each drum thickness line.

2.drum cylindrical Teflon plating, to ensure uniform temperature transfer, no color.

3.advanced technology for our Heat transfer machine for lanyards.

Technical Parameters


Details of the lanyards press machine

We have textile industry to Customizable subliamtion transfer lanyards , we are factory direct sales. Our weaving machine industrialization model, can produce a large number of tape orders, short delivery, complete packaging, fast delivery, service has been trusted by customers. You can see the whole process for our factory production. We can also provide a complete set of solutions to allow you to solve a lanyard problem.

Product features
  1. Multifunctional:It can be print many kinds of fabric.
  2. High performance:Apply the most advanced control system,rewind&unwind ribbon automatic.
  3. High quality:Consistent temperature,without any color error even in continuous transfer printing,Thus to get a clear printing effect.
  4. High efficiency:0~6m per mimuter,it can print multiple ribbon at the same time.

It is suitable for printing a variety of mobile lanyards, shoelaces, belts, elastic belts, snowflakes and labels.


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